Greeting from Tibetan Antelope Club洛克线穿越

2018-01-31 遨游川藏
We are proud to announce our getaways fromthe month of May, the booking is now open!Payment in 2 installments can be arrangedprior to depart...

We are proud to announce our getaways fromthe month of May, the booking is now open!

Payment in 2 installments can be arrangedprior to departure.

To confirm booking RMB 2000 deposit willhave to be paid alone with the passport copy and visa copy.

I wait for you in DA Liang mountain ,Rockline crossing -Xi Chang hotel reservation,tanks added that team to meet-------------------found Liang Shan more funline! May 3----------flower season October 3 to 9-9 clear sky.

Open mode on foot: Tour guide: all over thecountry a day or two ahead of Xi Chang collection, Xi Chang is the capital ofLiang Shan prefecture is located, is the nation’s largest urban wetland,barbecue is unique!

Accommodation can online booking,consulting the leader can also book!

Travel arrangements:

D1:Xi Chang-YanYuan-kingdom of Mu Li (tour bus or SUV)

At 7 o’clock in the morningon time from Xi Chang, noon eat lunch at Yan Yuan, arrive the Mu Li city at 17o’clock in the afternoon. Road: Xi Chang to Yan Yuan road, big car peerpressure, the line from Yan Yuan to make in the limit of roads ,estimates thatthis road get two or three years time, the new coach in the past the averagespeed of more than 20 yards per hour.

D2: Mu Li to Du Lu village (SUV)

At half past five in the morning from Mu Li county about 3 PM hadarrived at the starting point of east township of Du Lu village on foot.Traffic: gravel road surface is given priority to, narrow mountain road onlythe off-road vehicles can pass .in order to prevent the road emerge, so we muststart early this morning.

D3:Du Lu village –fullmeasures to zap (camp 4000)

At half past eight in the morning from Du Lu village alone the whiteriver through the primeval forest mountain stream water full, forest landscapeis given priority to. Full measure is the Valley flat land stone gate one, sostart out of the forest, Snow Mountain is visible, Xia Lang ill god peak isalso visible.

D4: With measure to zap – thousands oflotus pond to zap (camp 4200) 8 PM

Today a day is a shuttle in the primeval forest, rising 1400 metersabove sea level, walk up to the alpine meadow .Camp can choose in the Xia, orthe lotus pond to zap lotus pond as a better camp, in Xia Lang run down .Earlyin the afternoon to the camp , can listen to music in the sunshine ,to recover.

D5: Lotus pond to zap- a new fruit to zap(camp (4200)

Depart 8 am in the morning, this is the firstclimax, journey scenery Xia Lang ill and central Yong mountain snowy parks,lakes, rivers, meadows constitute the beauty of the original scene. Turnmiscellaneous Para 5000 m after the pass of the desolate spectacular view.Enjoy one

thousand glaciers, python spit water. O new fruit to zap song newMeasures, is the Gong gar mountain cliff pastures.Today‘s line crossing at an altitude of 4900pass of Barak , relative gaodu 800 meters and 400 meters two mountain pass.

D6: New fruit to zap –Xia to zap alone(4200)

Start 30 set out at eight o’clock in the morning ,on the mountainside ,turning a small pass , after green harmony ranch , central Yong towering standsin the front .Started the difficult journey .Around 60 degrees alone the trail,the hillside road is in the vast mountain landslide formation after steppingout of rubble ,is very narrow, only 1 person ,and in some places is veryfragile , like a walk will slide .Over three consecutive pass, after turningthe third pass downwards, there is a small HAI ZI across the lake (Blake), farlook like a jet .Slow up two and a half hours ,slope is small .To pass afterthe snake lake ,60 degrees down for an hour and walk alone the lake for an hourand a half a visible pagoda ,butterflies ,nature stones and rolls of Tibetan TRIPITAKA, alone to zap around 17:00 to Xia .Today’s journey is mainly around theepicenter Yong , is in the pass .Are walking in a mountainside hill, the gaoduof the vertical.

D7:Xia to zap –milk sea –five colors- losflocking to zap –old temple –pearl sea ---Dao Cheng Aden scenic spot the door

At half past seven in the morning, entire the scenic area and thecaravan, respectively .if Milk Sea before passing stay behind will be verypressed for time, recommend away by a sea of milk distribution good time. Xiato zap alone to los flocking to zap is the second climax of the journey .Needto turn two pas .When the snow mountain pass, near the epicenter Wallace Yongand fairy is two mountain revealed the mystery of the face. After crossing thefirst pass, into the beauty of the plateau lakes –snake lake From snake thepass over the prayer flowing area of the lake, arrived in five colors mountainpass near the sea, below the milk of holiness and blue sea, you can see the mountainsin the beautiful reflection, overlooking the lake district is milk best Angleof view of the sea. The milk down the sea have Aden nature reserve of wool tozap a wide river alluvial plain, this is backed by three Mountain, visible tothree mountain line .Dao Cheng stop!

Share will be announced at the end of thetour, online We Chat group! Each person taking wonderful photos in order tobest package form!

Activities and equipment : Big backpack65l, carry-on bag 28l , tents ,down sleeping bag (limit temperature – 15degrees), damp proof mat, charge, catch a pullover clothing pants, down jacket,hat, sunglasses, gloves, sticks, kettle, hiking shoes, snow cover, socks morethan double, sunscreen ,lip balm, individual special drugs ,burners, headlampor flashlight, personal tableware, toiletries , rain gear, camera, interphone,etc!

About food: The Club Provide breakfast anddinner, please bring your own meals, such as yak meat, chocolate, fruit, etc!Please refer to itinerary should bring alone their own!

Mattersneeding attention: 1, mountain climbing, hiking activity is a dangerousexpedition, any unpredictable situation could happen, participated in theactivities of personnel must agree to this point and completely voluntary. 2, mountain climbing, hiking during theactivity, because

of various factors (time reason, weatherreason, health reason, etc.) cannot be reached due to purpose (top), activitieswill not be returned. 3, because oftraffic block, the irresistible nature factors such as weather , fail to reachan intended destination fee deducted from activities have refund the balanceafter the rehabilitation team; 4, as a team activity , the activity plans maybe adjusted according to the special situation .After the mountains, allplayers must obey the leader command , not to rob the action , otherwise theconsequence is proud , is irrelevant to anyone .5, prevent high blood pressure , heartdisease , coronary heart disease is not severe activities personal attend,please consult a doctor before departure and physical examination .All who hidetheir disease, all consequences pays;6,please bring yourcommonly used drugs ;7, take good careof environment, do not arbitrarily discarded non-biodegradable items andrubbish.8, Don’t listen to your command,action alone or with other unfavorable to influence management and teambehavior, can give fired on the spot, let it free activities, all responsibilitiesby their ego.9, mountain climbing,hiking is a team activity, players should solidarity, mutual love, mutualcooperation.10, activities, insuranceshall be the responsibility of the event organizers .Under specialcircumstances, (such as to the outside world relief, etc.) the extra spending, belongto the individual behavior caused by the individual to assume, belong to theteam of the capitation (such as nature factors of force majeure).11, players need to purchase the necessarypersonal supplies and equipment ,the organizer to check that do not conform tothe requirement of activities ,should be replaced in a timely manner, frostbiteand other accidents caused by don’t listen to your advice, or because ofpersonal equipment problems ,the consequences of all responsibility conceited .12, in the high mountains such as players, withsevere plateau reflect, or other factors, the manager will have the right to persuadeplayers to exit the mountain activities. 13, during the climbing and hiking to players, not drinking, such asdrinkers emerge, the consequence is proud. 14, travel process, should pay attention to personal and property safetywhen participating in various activities ,especially hiking, horseback ridingand other activities ,if a personal and property loss caused by its, accordingto relevant insurance regulations by the insurance company will compensate, don’thave any dispute with the club.

Priceincludes:1, transportation :the mountains round-trip transportation costs,including the scenic spot to daocheng,2,accommodation : see the schedule .3,ticketsao Cheng YAbutyl tickets forscenic spots. Note : if have come, student id card , to teach, elderlycertificate free certificate , please show me before going to buy tickets, wewill refund the cost accordingly.4, catering :99 is , camp for dinner evenmixed Fried or stew pan, camp for breakfast porridge , pickle and so on.5,horse:the use of horses and public goods, transportation,food and other expenses. Individuals hired back and expenses on horseback. 6,team leader: professional certification team leader, 7, equipment: public activitiesneed equipment medicine, fuel and

cooker stoves, interphone, oxygen, and soon. 8, insurance: insurance of professional outdoor. 9, other: club fees. Costdoes not include :1, the above –mentionedservices of any other fees(such as scenic sightseeing car , ride a horse,camel, tickets for the scenic spots in small ,slippery sand , cableway, dinnerdrinks cost, and all other personal expenses) 2, the scenic spot care cost:1)Dao Cheng YA butyl sightseeing car 120 RMB /person .(must)Special note :pleasebring your id card, a mainland people , something other certificates do not necessarilywork .Foreign nationals in addition to the above matters, still need to informthe date of birth.

Refund: 1, 10 days before departure tonondestructive cancelled ;2, 7-9 days before departure to cancel , to deduct 40% activity cost; 3, 3-6 daysbefore the event cancellation ,to deduct 60% activity cost; 4, 1 to 2 daysbefore the event cancellation, to deduct 80% activity cost; 5, such as eventdue to special reasons, such as physical illness or accident emergency, issuethe relevant certificates, returned to the relevant certificates, returned tothe accommodation and scenic spot tickets fees.